Disney Tsum Tsum


As everyone who reads my blog and reviews will know my two girls love all things in small blind bags and collecting things. Disney Tsum Tsums are great and fit the bill perfectly, The are small plastic, squishy  characters from the Disney films anything from Winnie The Pooh to Toy Story so everyone’s favourite film is catered for.  With a surprise Tsum Tsum inside so you don’t know what you’re getting. There are Ultra Rare ones to collect which are gold in colour (we love ultra-rare in this house)

There is over 50+ to collect in the first series and they range from around  £6.50 and suitable for ages 3+. Great for gifts for birthday presents and for both your and old as we all like a bit of Disney.  A great addition is playset toy shop to have fun with your Tsum Tsums and help with imaginary play.  These toys can also be stacked wide or tall and if you have doubles you can trade with you friends too.
There is a huge range of Tsum Tsum products to go alongside the toys from clocks and puzzles to duvets sets and bags, all with the Disney Tsum Tsum characters on them.