The #DocMcStuffins Party

So yesterday, we had our Doc McStuffins party, we invited some children from around the park, and we had a blast.

The games of tic tac toe that the adults ended up taking over and the wonderful eye tests and colouring really proved a hit with everyone. We were impressed with the reaction on twitter and hope you enjoyed following along with us.

All the toys provided were absolutely fantastic. Of course, no one could wait until they returned back to their lodges before opening them up, so all the kids had a chance to play with everything, something which they all valued immensely.

Doc is a huge hit in our house, with the girls and myself, so having the chance to host this party was one we truly treasured.

So please, take a look at the photos and check out the #DocMcStuffins tag if you missed it!

doc party

Ready For The #DocMcStuffins Party?!

So, with the 26th edging ever closer, we are all ready and raring for the #DocMcStuffins twitter party happening between 1-3pm.

Heres a little look at some of the goodies…

effective tips for green-thumbs

With some fabulous games, prizes and even a beautiful cake, we are all set and rather excited!

The party should go off with a bang and both girls are really excited about the whole thing. I don’t think a day has gone by that they haven’t woken up and asked if today is the day.

So, be ready on twitter on Thursday the 26th between 1-3pm, and make sure you’re following the #DocMcStuffins hashtag and the lovely people over at @UKMumsTV.

See you there 🙂

We Are Hosting A #DocMcStuffins Party!

Doc Blogger Button (1)

So on the 26th of February between 1-3pm we are hosting a fabulous Doc McStuffins twitter party! We all know we are all big fans of the Doc. We have spent many a winter day watching Doc fix her toys, so we are delighted to be hosting the party.

For us it will be a special party as we will be hosting it from our State of the art lodge with a hot tub, as a special treat, so this party couldn’t have come at a better time really.

We will be playing games a plenty with dressing up, tic tac toe and even eye tests, so please do join in with the fun from 1pm on the 26th of February on twitter with the hashtag #DocMcstuffins and you could win yourselves all sorts of wonderful prizes!

See you then 😉


The #ZackAndQuack Party

So, yesterday, in preparation for the new NickJr series Zack and Quack, we had our very own crafty, Zack and Quack party. All the time tweeting along and sharing our adventures!

Firstly, who knew have some children, boxes, paint and glue could be so exhausting?! Needless to say, we all had fun and the kids loved the new Zack and Quack cartoon. The new series was great, colourful and really entertaining. Zack and his Duck friend Quack, have some fun adventures. Who wouldn’t living in a pop-up book? The pull of a tab or turn of a page can always take them on a new adventure. It sees them putting together some ultra crafty projects to save the day.

So, in true Zack and Quack style, we had some great tasks for the kids to do. Firstly, we made a car. Now I think the grownups had the most fun cutting out doors and windscreens, but the kids end up putting us to shame…

Car Made

Next came time to watch. Out came the snacks and peace really did reign at this point. However in true Beboo fashion, she did need something extra whilst watching. So the kids did the worksheets and watched along happily. Phew. 

watching time

Even I was kept entertained and got so engrossed, I forgot to tweet for a while!!!

After watching Zack and Quack, and giving it a thumbs up, it was time to make some trinket boxes. They were armed with glue sticks and a box full of bits and bobs to stick on. They were away…


We decorated the inside, outside and Beboo even had chance to fill hers with pizza. She knows her stuff! By this time, they were getting hungry again, so we did some biscuit decorating to finish with. Needless to say, with these lovely children and Boo, I was covered in icing and biscuit crumbs. But I have to say, they all loved every minute.

We loved our crafty Zack and Quack party and so did the kids. It was lovely seeing what people were making and doing on twitter, you can too, just pop over and search the #ZackandQuack hashtag to see some extra photos from me and so many others. We had a wonderful time and they all love the new Zack and Quack!!!

Something Special Twitter Party!

Time to have some fun and celebrate Mr Tumble, the star of the fab kids TV show Something Special, where children laugh, interact and even learn sign language in this fun filled show. Both of the Girls have grown up with Justin and Mr Tumble so when we heard about the twitter party, even they were excited!

Yes, we will be one of the hosts to the fab Something Special Twitter party on the 12th of September 4pm-6pm. Where we will play games, have on the spot competitions and have loads of Something Special fun with fans from all round!

SS MPU blogger button-01-01


So pop the date on the calendar or in the diary and get inviting some friends round for some real fun, even for the adults too! Remember to use the #SomethingSpecialParty hashtag on the day, so you can keep up with the fun!

I know we have got lots of Beboo and Pop’s friends coming round, to make a mess and eat cake, whilst mummy takes care of all the computer stuff.

So, we will see you on the 12th of Septemeber 4-6pm for all the Something Special fun 🙂