TY Friends Game.

We are great loves of all things small and all things soft and cuddly at the moment, and having family time all of us together without any tablets, computers and tv, having fun the old fashion way!

ty friends

The TY Friends game is a great board from around £9.99 and for ages 3-6 years and from 2-6 players. It is based on the new small TY beanies that are now available not the older ones that I knew when I was young, which the girls love and collect as there are many different animals to collect and only being around £2 they make great pocket money toys.

The game is based on the memo game teaching the children shapes, colours and numbers the first person to find the three missing friends wins!!

The colourful pieces makes learning fun and exciting while also being durable and able to be handled easily. The rules are easy to follow and the little ones picked it up easily and quickly and they were able to play with their friends without us having to explain the rules.