I LOVE Making You Feel Uncomfortable

It’s true, I do. It makes me day when I get to make you feel uncomfortable about my condition, it is my guilty pleasure.

To be fair, I don’t have much else?!

When someone sees me with my crutch or stick, they may ask me what I did to my leg, I take great pleasure in informing them that actually, I have multiple sclerosis. Then taking a nice long pause whilst they try and decide what to say.

All the time stood there loving the uncomfortable silence. 

I know, I am terrible but some days it could be the only form of entertainment I get.

Many of the people I know with MS take the same approach as myself, we tend to use the humour side of things to take back a little joy. If only for a few, silent seconds.

Some responses are the sympathetic kind, which I am not the biggest fan of. I know people mean well but I would rather have some kind of humour thrown back at me, its only fair 🙂

Some I choose not to say anything to, mainly because I hate it when people treat me differently, I am still the person I just have a few more limits and tend to need a good nap around midday.

Only a few friends have stayed ‘friends’, they don’t treat me differently or pretend to understand, they listen and simply treat me the same as they did before. I guess I don’t really mind so much as I have such a huge support online and with my family. It has made it a whole lot easier for me.

I know many MSers see the same thing in the whole loss of friends thing. Its not something people do on purpose, some are scared to ask, most don’t understand and many have such busy lives, they don’t have the time anymore. All are fine with me to be honest.

I kind of like the quiet life these days, after all I do like a good sleep.