Last day of steroids

Well the nurse just left from my last dose! The vein in my arm that had been open for two days had shut down! This meant more stabbing! This time in my leg! But luckily it went in first time so I was soon hooked up and getting my last lot! 

We talked about the vile metallic taste and the nurse said that polos help! Luckily I had some and yes they do help! 

Now ust sat with my foot up to let the steroids go round and not dribble down my leg like I have been warned! I am so glad its over!

Only thing is im only allowed once more course for the rest of the year, so I pray I can start my daily injections soon, and stop the flare ups I have had so many off!  

Day one of steroids

The nurse arrived about 9.30am and set up all the gubbins needed for the three day infusion!

Then came the time to find a vein.. I dread this. See my veins are practically non-existent, no amount of pumping or squeezing helps! After digging about under the skin for like 3 mins I suddenly felt like I might faint, I asked to stop and ran to the toilet, where i proceeded to throw up. Now im not scared of needles by a long way, the amount of tattoos i have proves this, but the thought of someone digging about under my skin makes my stomach turn. 

So after throwing up and getting a drink we decided to go and put my arm under HOT water, as hot as you can stand I was told and I like my baths hot so this was no issue, theres nothing I like more than looking like a salmon after a nice bath!

Then she had another go, then another, then another then yes another. I felt awful for her as so was so determined to get a line in, it was just not going to happen! After much pumping and making a hot water bottle she decided to give up and call a different nurse, the nurse agreed to come and the nurse who was already there left.

The new nurse came and again I told her to please not warn me with ‘sharp scratch’ as I dont need to no! Im poked often enough to just sit calmly and let them try. Sure enough she got the vein immediately, only downside is its on the bend of my elbow and as its in for three days doing jobs and holding my little one is extremely tough going.

The methyl Pred drip was soon started and it took an hour to drip through! There was an odd uncomfortable silence between me and nurse lady!We watched channel 5 and clocked watched. She repeatedly did the normal blood sugar checks and took my blood pressure! Which is always A ok!

Now im sat with my arm bandaged up with sticky plasters all over my hand from the first nurse. I have a vile metal taste in my mouth, so all food and drink tastes VILE! I am very tired and hoping the next two days go quickly without any more issues! im not sure if I can take anymore prodding, even if i no its for the best. Theres not really too much to report now as i simply feel drained and useless!