Disney princess Ariel Bath Styling Head.

Looking for something to buy for Christmas for  a little princess in your life then look no further than the Disney Princess Ariel bath styling head for ages 3 and over.  This can also help your little ones enjoy bath time and get them used to washing their own hair too. The Ariel Bath Styling head has many fun colour changing features. The water will change a strip of  Ariel’s hair from blue to teal her eyes and lips will also change colour before your eyes. There are 5 accessories that come with the styling head with clips a flower comb and a sea-shell water scoop also comes with a charm shell necklace for the Ariel head.


Ariel’s lovely red hair is  great for just brushing her hair with the brush that is included or trying out different styles, from french plaits to a glamorous up-do. Use the water shell to put cold water on her to watch her eyeshadow, lips and nails change colour.

Hour of fun in or out of the bath and it’s only £19.99 will make a great Christmas present

Zuru Bunch o Balloons.


It’s summer and the good weather is here (sometimes!!). We have a large group of friends children and that get together once a month commitments permitting and we try to get outside as much as possible and are always looking for things to do to involve everyone young and old.  Hide and Seek, homemade bows and arrows, skating boarding with ramps.

In the summer it’s nice to do things with water so water pistols are a must but we wanted something a little different this year and the Bunch o balloons is a great addition to our summer games, you will be thinking water balloons great fun but it takes hours of someone usually me stood filling each balloon one at a time and then there are 30 of you all wanting to play you can imagine how long this would take! No not with Bunch o Balloons, you can fill 100 yes 100 balloons in 60 seconds yes 60 seconds!!

Everything you need is in the pack for around £7.98 3 bunches of self-sealing balloons and a connector to go on your hose pipe or water sauce

. So easy connect to the hose, fill and see the balloons self-seal and make all the balloons you need in minutes and it is easy to do everyone wants to have a go. We have never had so many balloons where everyone can take part and have some good old-fashioned outdoor fun.
Another great feature is the balloons and o-rings are biodegradable. So you don’t have to worry about collecting every last bit of balloon.


Stacks ‘O’ Fun Bathy Time Review

When it comes to bathy time, Beboo is like a watch, she makes her beeline straight the to bathroom ready for splash time. I cannot stress enough how important bath toys are to her and her sister, they literally are a make or break thing in this house and without them bath time would just be about being clean. No-one needs that!

So when the chance came to  review the stacks ‘o’ fun bath stacking set from B kids, we literally splashed at the chance.



This set is great, super colourful so bound to be a hit with young and old (me) and the design is amazing, we have created several water tower master pieces and had hours of fun making it rain with all the little holes in each segment. Each cup has different textured edges which is great for a child of Beboo’s age. Also the smallest cup has a spinning ball which goes round when the water flows through, its little things like this babies love.

stack inside
All inside each other
stack tower
The mega stacking tower!

With Beboo and Pop’s being different ages it was really nice to see how they played with it together. Pop’s did the building and Beboo did the whole destroy and chew thing…

DSCN0149 DSCN0152


Then came the whole rain thing, she loved watching it pour through the holes because unlike her elder sister, she is not scared of water in her face!!



We had loads of fun with the stacks ‘o’ fun toy and I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a bath toy or simply some great stacking cups. They retail at £6.99 and are available toy buy online at these stores; Amazon, lambs Toys, Sainsburys & Baby Security and in Toymaster Stores Nationwide.

Bkids do a wide variety of toys for all different ages and I really do believe they bring something different to play time.