Chemist Direct

I have recently had the chance to go shopping over on Chemist Direct. This website is like one of the wonderful pharmacies that stock everything you need. The ones you find in tiny villages or out in the middle of nowhere. They stock things you would usually have to hunt high and low for, the type of pharmacy I love!

Chemist direct has a very user friendly setup, the site is easy to navigate, even on a mobile device. I used it first on my phone because I like to put mobile versions to the test, Chemist direct passed.

chemist direct

For the sake of this write up I thought I would try and stock up on all the family essentials that every mother should have in their cupboard. I even managed to get generic versions of the products I was looking for, saving me a few pounds here and there. I love if when a store offers generic versions when you search for a brand. It gives you the choice, something which is great for all budgets.

One thing I did find was pet products. Not something I expected but a really welcomed surpise and we really needed a few bits for the pups. So again, I was able to buy it all from one place, quickly and easily.

I did find the beauty section to be a little lacking, but I hope this is something they will look to grow in the future.

The checkout process was so easy, you also have the option of paypal which I love. I brought products that contains Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, so I had to fill out small one page forms about who the product if for, age, why they need it etc, having worked in Pharmacy I loved this. It’s good to see a company regulating these things.

Delivery was also super fast.

Overall I really enjoyed my shopping experience over at Chemist Direct, it is definitely a site I will use over and over again. Perfectly Unique Gifts!

AskHerFriends is a fantastic website when its comes to choosing the perfect gift for her. 

For starters, you can search using some really specific options, from moth-in-laws to sisters, as well as that, you can also choose a price range and there really is something to suit each and every budget.

Now I don’t know about you but there is always someone who is really hard to buy for, they either have everything or like nothing, which is neither useful or easy when it comes to shopping for said person. This is made even harder when you have a certain budget to stick to. Usually you would spend countless hours trawling through the internet looking for the right gift.

Well, trawl no more!

AskHerFriends has everything you could need, trust me, if you need unique and amazing this really is the place to go. I should know, as soon as I saw this certain gift, I knew I had to have it.

It was as unique as how it came about, but this made it even more special.

What was that gift I hear you ask? Well it was a pigs bum cup.

I know right, but this is a big family joke and as soon as I saw it, I knew my Sister would love it, which she did. 

You can even buy the same cup with the pigs head, a little him and her thing maybe? Perfect.

I have really loved exploring askherfriends, it has given so many ideas for other people (as well as myself) and I now know where to go for that picky person in my life.

So, head on over and get searching for that perfect, unique gift this Christmas, you really won’t be disappointed.

Green Man Gaming Online Review

There are quite a few online marketplaces for video games nowadays. With so much choice which one do you really use. What suits your needs and offers the best deals.

You may or may not have heard of such a website called Green Man Gaming, this London, England based website, not only has great offers and a great selection of games for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, it also has instant digital games, which you can download directly for such places as Steam (an online account for PC games with terrific deals).

This is a website that not only offers instant PC games, but when you’re done with your digital download you can trade them back for credit on your account for different games. “Wait, you can’t be serious right?”…. Well yes, they do just that! So far this is the ONLY website to allow such a thing, and they also have a patent for it.

There is also a range of downloadable PC Indie games at great prices.

Not only can you trade in your digital downloads but they also take trade in for ps3 and 360.

On the off chance as a fan of retro gaming I searched retro in the search bar. The results that come up are instant retro games that can be downloaded to your PC, at reasonable prices. Games such as Alexx Kid, Altered Beast, a majority of them being Mega drive (Genesis) classics.

Green Man Gaming is a website built with purpose. Its easy to use and covers the whole gaming spectrum, perfect for any gaming lovers.

So if you are into gaming, have a Steam account, own a PS3 or Xbox 360 be sure to check this website out and their Hot Deals page. Be quick. At these prices they are literally selling like hot cakes.

Keep an eye out for them on Twitter and facebook as new releases and offers are sure to be announced.

I was compensated for this review.