I WILL Loose Weight This Year

Okay, so I wrote about my plans to win Christmas for this coming year, and this is another of my new year choices (I don’t do resolutions) Anyway so, this year I will aim to loose weight from the comfort of my own home!

From eating better and drinking less pop to pushing on with our Wii Fit U, I will make every effort to improve and loose weight, for my sanity and the whole families wellbeing.

Now with all the usual problems I face with MS, it makes the whole exercise thing a little tricky. See when I get hot, I loose my ‘good eye’ so I have to make sure I take it at my own pace and not put other people in the way of my flailing danger. Its only fair. So, I will be loosing weight with the help of my Wii fit U. It is the only entity that I am willing to subject to the challenge, mainly because I know it can take the flack. 

I can do those fun games as well as the usual exercises at my own pace and on the big TV, so I can see what I’m doing. That coupled with the sound on high, I am good to go.

It also won’t judge my power house onesie I intend to work out in. Lovely.

So, I will keep you updated on this little weight loss journey and hey, maybe you can join in?

Seriously, even famous people are working out in the comfort of their own homes, I even have a couple of videos of the lovely Andrea McLean for inspiration!

So, bottoms up and SQUEEZE as they say 😛