I Am Going To Win Christmas 2014!

I know, a bold statement if I have ever heard one, but this is my goal. I AM going to win Christmas for 2014. 

Just before the Christmas just gone, I was introduced to comping. I have even won a few things, so I have made the choice that as well as my three blogs, I am also going to try my hand at winning gifts for family and the girls, and maybe even food closer to the time.

Granted I will get a few bargains when I see them, but I am hoping that the majority will be wins.

I will admit, I am a little obsessed with saving money at the moment, and people always go on about how December is such a hard month and even though ours was not, I want it to be even easier on my wallet. Hey, maybe I will even get the chance to give gifts I couldn’t ever dream of affording?

Who knows. 

So, here goes my little quest into the unknown.

All this as well as real life, is going to be a mission. So keep the cokes coming and maybe even a little burger or two? Hell, get me Frankie and Bennys On speed dial 😛

And by that I mean salad, lots of salad…


Planktons Robot Revenge And The Chance To Win A Wii-U!!


I love a good platformer, and I also love a bit of Spongebob. So both being rolled together and released for the PS3 brought a smile to my face. Add a good measure of Plankton out to try to exhaust himself stealing the crabby patty recipe and your good to go.

Brought to us by the game giant Activision, the game has nice graphics and 5 playable characters.

Packed with a small arsenal of upgradable weapons, you shoot and jump your way various levels of the nautical sea floor, fighting Planktons minions and some fun boss battles with Plankton himself.

The controls are very fluid but there is no pannable camera for better views and angles, However as you progress it’s not really needed.



The level backgrounds are very familiar throughout the game and don’t seem to change often, this is somewhere with activision and their pedigree of games could have done better.

There’s funny voice overs from the spongebob cast giving it the charm, appeal and humor we all know and love.


There is a vast amount of minions to destroy that get tougher in larger packs, and plenty of nuts and bolts to spend on weapons and upgrades.

The game also has a great soundtrack, which we have all enjoyed!

You can play with up to four players at a time, providing you have four controllers and friends with a PS3 too.

This would be great for any young Spongebob fan and give them plenty of fun, and a medium challenge trying to beat the game.

This game is suitable for all ages and would also appeal to trophy hunters, as it seems an easy and straightforward platinum game.

Spongebob Planktons Revenge is available on most gaming platform and would make the perfect gift this Christmas!

See the video below for a little glimpse of the game:

Now, I am so pleased and a little jealous to be able to bring you the chance to win a Wii-U and a copy of the game to play on it, so follow the instructions below and good luck!

UK Only.

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Swizzels Scary Halloween Sweetie Comp!

I am very pleased to bring to you the chance to win a bundle of Swizzles Matlow Scary Halloween sweeties in time for some good trick or treating!

This is what you could win…..

Hamper for blog


I don’t know about you but personally, this arriving in the post would make my day and the children’s if I chose to share 😛

Sarah-Louise Heslop, marketing manager at
Swizzels Matlow, said:
“Our creepy collection is perfect for Halloween
parties and hungry trick or treaters because all
our products contain a selection of our old school
favourites. Scare your friends with our sweet treats.”

Clearly, this bundle of the old favourites and yummy new additions are a must have, so follow the instructions below to enter, good luck!

UK Only.

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