Our Tamagotchi Easter Party!

So this year, we have been lucky enough to host our own Tamagotchi party. Complete with sweets, chocolate eggs and more crafts than you could shake a stick at. We ended up holding the party on Easter Sunday. It seemed pretty perfect and as Pop’s had a tummy bug the previous week, it was the perfect Easter treat.

I remember tamagotchis from way back when and the magic is still there. Both adults and children were immediately taken and engrossed in raising their own little digital friend. Even Boo!

After some straw picking and games, the Tamagotchis were soon with their new owners and the fun began…

tamagotchi 1


The new Tamagotchis are fab. As well as being like they used to be they also have these great new features. Like the characters themselves there are so many different characters you can grow, they can now even send texts or ‘bumps’ and gifts to other Tamagotchi friends. Perfect for a room full of tech mad children. Even Hubby was engrossed with getting everyone set up and running. With five games to play and all the feeding, I can safely say everyone loves their new friend!

One thing I remember was worrying about my Tamagotchi dying, these days they tend to run away if you don’t look after them, I think it still has the same affect and all the children were forever checking that their new friend had everything it needed. It took me an age to get their attention again. Thank goodness their Tamagotchis went to sleep so we could get to playing games and colouring…

tamagotchi 2

Everyone had a great day. Even the adults coloured in a picture or two!

The new Tamagotchi Friends retail at around £20, I was a little unsure on the price, but they really do so much more than they used too, so its well worth it. There is so much to do and s many different characters it would be pretty hard to get bored. The kids also loved all the Tamagotchi notepads etc, even little Boo recognises her ‘gotchi’ friends and I can already see a house full of tamagotchi soft toys and sweets!

colouring picture

We hope you all had a fantastic Easter!!!

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