Team Williams And The Blogger Winter Olympics!

So, here at Team Williams HQ, we received the news we would be taking part in The Blogger Winter Olympics with Nintendo. So we have been putting together our strip, limbering up and charging the Wii U, all in preparation to play along on Mario and Sonic and The Olympic Winter Games, Sochi 2014.


We had a very special team member design the flag, who is of course Pops. She did draw a Mario orientated picture, which is slightly hard to see, so we did a close up too!

IMGP1173 IMGP1174

We have designed our outfit for ice-skating and the team colours…


And we also applied the colour to our Skis!


The challenges have been set and we are all ready to take part and join in with the Winter Olympics Sochi 2014, which started on Friday. So, watch this space and I will bring you updates on how we are doing in the leaderboard and how the training is going!!!

Team Williams!!!

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