The Birthday Party That Was.

Today was the girls joint birthday party, now I won’t lie, the whole thing was simply frightening.

For one, I was not sure how the girls would behave, Pops can be is really quite demanding, I am dealing with this people, I-just-need-more-time.

Another thing was meeting the Mums. Of course we say hello whilst throwing launching taking the kiddies to playgroup. However you don’t really get to chat. I have not told any of the other parents I have MS. Its not something you really say in passing?

Wow, how weird would that be?

Anyway, it all went fine. Turned out one of the mums reads my blog (thank you) and was so lovely about the whole thing, did not judge me and asked questions, which I like, means she wants to understand. 

In-fact although she was the only one I think knows, everyone was else was really lovely too.

Now if you have kids under the age of four, and are looking at throwing a birthday party, please, do not expect them to be wonderful and polite. 

Turns out, kids like to cry at their own parties, for reasons unbeknown to me (I could not understand her wingey mumbling) so I simply let her get on with it!

Emma, I was armed with my camera especially for you 😛

kitty castle bebo us together cakes balloon fail meltdown bouncy fun grump


I have many more, however they are for the memory book and yes, she is having a melt down during “Happy Birthday”

No-one likes that song!!!!

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