The Innocence Of My Girls

They drive me mad, some days I just want to hide in the corner, away from the sticky hands and shrieking. 

But mostly, I just love them. For every bad day, there are many good, and the best thing is there innocence. Its something I will do my best to help them keep, so they can be carefree children for as long as they want to be…

It the bathtime fun:

innocence 1


The seemingly edible sand?!

innocence 6

The endless bouncing:


innocene 5

The cheeky tongue poking:

innocence 3

The static hair:

innocence 4

And the endless swinging:

innocence 2

That remind me of the innocence that both girls have and there love for everything and anything going. What reminds you of your kids innocence and love for life?! 

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