This Is What Happens When……

So, I have decided to show you a photo of what happens when you let a four year old dress herself. Now please keep in mind she is four and has full access to her own (and my) wardrobe. She loves to wear make-up (I don’t) and wear my perfume (no matter how expensive) 

So one day me and the sister decided it would be interesting to see what would happen if we let her dress herself, so here goes……

dressed herself


Yup, this had nothing to do with me and neither does the biscuit crumbs on the poof, that was the other little creature!!!!

So, what happens when your dress themself?!

4 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When……

  1. hahaha!! Aww bless her!! She looks fabulous!!
    I often let my 5 year old dress herself just for fun….She comes downstairs in some states….At least your little one is color coordinated….lol

  2. Georgie has starting picking out her own clothes sometimes with hilarious results, she was only two in May but is starting to be very independent & have the “I will do it myself mummy”. Saying that, she put together a lovely looking ensemble the other day… I think it was purely by chance rather than displaying a sense of good taste though!

    I think your little lady looks adorable!

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