Time To Put This Taboo To Bed!

I really think people need to put this whole taboo subject to bed. Forever.

Yes, I am talking about contraception, emergency contraception (EHC) and such like. From condoms to the pill, people have sex so these thing will always exist.


One of the biggest “face pullers” is the morning after pill, or EHC as it is also known.

Now I worked in pharmacy dispensing for a few years, in this pharmacy we offered said pill, for free. Everyone I worked with was very relaxed and never a face was pulled (unless I was attempting to eat a 5 pack of doughnuts or squashing myself under some drawers) even the pharmacists we had never made the person coming in for it feel embarrassed.

I myself have had EHC a few times, may moons ago. Mostly for genuine accidents but the odd one because I was a careless teen. Each time I went to a pharmacy I was never treated with respect, I was made to feel like a child and dirty for being there, when in-fact I was doing the right thing.

I was seeking help before I became another statistic. I was also in a proper relationship, never one for sleeping around. I till remember the last time I had it, I was still working in pharmacy myself, however went to a different one after work because we were mega busy. The lady was rude and treated me like I was wasting her time and money. When in actual fact, this wasn’t true. I informed her not to patronise me, as I knew she would be getting £25 for spending five minutes talking to me. Ha! Up yours you snotty bitch! 

The only place I ever felt comfortable was the local “Time4U” service in town. I have been going there since the age of 13, I realised when I went there today, I had been going 10 years then Hubs reminded me I can only use it for another two years.

I use it instead of the Doctors because its easy. No appointments or faffing, just in and out. The staff are always lovely and although I now feel like the oldest person in the room, I am glad I do use it, I can get my next injection with no hassle.

Going there today reminded me how great a service like this is and how people in normal pharmacies could learn a thing or two about treating people nicely. Maybe if they did, teenagers would be less afraid to get the morning after pill or by condoms, reducing teen pregnancies that little bit more.



Food for thought, no?!

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