Today I feel like death!

Well here I am, day two since steroids finished and I feel like death. I was so impressed with how well I was feeling despite being FULL of drugs, but then last night hit and now I am totally feeling it.

Luckily I have had someone with me each day, its still got me thinking. 

I am a mum and I want to do all the things mums do every day! I do not want this week where im either hooked up to a drip or shaking so bad a can barely stand. I want to run around and do daft things and not have to rely on someone else for help. I already have to do this in other parts of my life! 

Therefore I have made the choice to not have anymore steroid treatments for my further attacks/activity. Part of me feels silly for saying it, but I hate the way I am feeling right now, I cant keep going through it all the time. I just wanted some relief from everything, some time to feel normal again. I guess this is what comes with having such an unpredictable ‘condition’ 

For now I will wait for the side effects to finish, until I feel somewhat human again! 

Anyone whos been there, is there I would very much welcome some advice, well off I go to the land of nodd to find some of that missing energy! Night all x

2 thoughts on “Today I feel like death!

  1. Just don’t give in to it – I’m not sure not having steroids is the way to go, but you have to do what you have to do! I’ve only had steroids once so what do I know eh! But just stay strong – you are still you! Lots of love Justine x

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