Tremors, Tears And Tangerines…

Why do they have to grow up? I mean obviously I know why, but why?!

Today has been a generally normal day from start to finish, in-fact nothing too exciting has been going on recently, I have officially become a bore.

Not the animal kind, although I am kinda hairy.

My MS seems to have have loosened its grip somewhat, I don’t feel anywhere near normal, but then I don’t feel too horrendous either, I am on my own, personal, even keel.

I am not expecting it to last long, however I will endeavour to make the most of it whilst I have it. I am sure when I start Copaxone injections, I will once again have to face the selfish bitch that is Multiple Sclerosis. 

So today I have noticed my tremors have returned, I was reading the paper (okay the headlines, but to be fair they tell a story too) and it was becoming particularly challenging to turn the page and hold them still, I bet it was a laugh a minute to watch. 

For me its just annoying.

The girls have been, well, lets call it ‘a challenge’ if its not one its the other and Pop’s is growing by the minute, it seems that her new favourite thing is to tell me I’m stupid and she hates me. I didn’t realise it started so early and I also didn’t realise how much it hurts, although I know she doesn’t mean it and I said it to my mum a million times, it still hurts.

Beboo is just into everything. I know people say that all the time, but she is literally into EVERYTHING, not something Pops ever did, she was happy with a toy. Not Beboo, she is a girl on a mission.

A machine.

So, although I have alot I want to say, its been a hard day and I wish to slob out on the sofa!

Oh, and……



2 thoughts on “Tremors, Tears And Tangerines…

  1. Z used to play with his toys and then its like he suddenly discovered everything else is much more interesting…so now he’s into everrrrrrrrrrrything…including constantly emptying out all the nappy bags from the packet, the nappies from the box and taking his changing out because “I change nappy!”…sigh. Hope your tremors disappear soon x

    1. It is hard work! The seem to find all the things you never knew were there and they never miss a thing! Thank you, hope Z gets bored of the nappy game 🙂

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