Wee Wars…

We all know by now, as parents going to the toilet is more like a treat than something we have to do. I didn’t think it could get any worse, then wee wars began.

See, it was around 7pm, kids bathed and in bed, Hubby had taken the dogs for a walk, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to have a wee.

I made a break for it.

I could finally have a pee in peace.

I sit down, start the flow and low and behold I hear a “MUUUUUUUMMMM, I am coming down to have a toilet”

I inform her I am currently mid flow, and she will have to give me a minute or so. See my MS means I don’t always wee like a normal person, I sometimes take longer and need to fight with my bladder to make sure I am done. Or this will happen.

Anyway, she informed me she couldn’t possibly wait and needed to go right now, so I should get up and let her go?


I waited, I picked the perfect time, yet here I am being told I need to stop what I am doing, which is peeing and let the four year old with a stronger bladder go take over.

There are no words.



To make it worse, when Hubby arrived back, he simply walked in, shut the toilet door and did his thing. In peace.


I swear, from now on I am going to barricade the door and claim the toilet back.

Or at least I’ll try……¬†

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