Well Done Will.I.Am Way To Make A Girl Feel Special

So last night was the final of The Voice 2013, I have to say I am/was quite a fan of the voiceand I have loved Andrea since her first audition, so when she was crowned last nights winner, I was pleased. However it seems many other people were not and felt it ‘appropriate’ to completely tear her win apart on twitter.

Including the famous judge Will.I.Am who tweeted several unfair and quite frankly disrespectful tweets “You should feel the audiences vibration in the room tonight after the publics vote…its #unexplainable…so sad…#perplexed” and “Andrea is amazing…#dontGETmeWRONG…but we know who has the incredible #voice

Then the British public took to twitter and got #sympathyvote trending. WOW, really?

As a partially sighted disabled woman myself, I didn’t want Andrea to win for this reason, I wanted her to win for her amazing voice, one she worked damn hard to get heard.

If say Leah had won, I am sure as usual there would be people who supported the other contestants who would have something to say, however they simply would not have gone to the extreme level of getting something so hurtful trending on twitter. It would have simply gone over their heads, but no, not with someone who is disabled, that MUST mean its purely sympathy? Right?! 

Why is it, that people this day and age are so very cruel, why do they feel the need to do this to someone?!

I know from my own experiences, how hard it must have been for her to even apply for the show. My betting is she had already been turned away from many other auditions for the way she looked and even her disability itself, but I am guessing she didn’t make a fuss about it. She simply carried on the fight. 

I was disgusted and ashamed by the behaviour and harsh words from the people of twitter and also from people like Will.I.Am who should damn well know better.

By all means, you all have people you were backing, but there was absolutely no need to be so cruel and vindictive.

Long gone are the days when people are simply happy for other people. They always feel the need to take it that extra step too far.

4 thoughts on “Well Done Will.I.Am Way To Make A Girl Feel Special

  1. I watched the entire show. I normally get bored when it reaches the half way mark, but I stuck it out this time. I sat last night and watched and I have to say with all the hype I was completely shocked Leah didn’t win… She will go far! But huge congrats, Andrea deserved it, I thought will.i.am was #bangoutoforder last night in twitter 🙁 there’s always one who spoils it for everyone!

    Zoe x

  2. I agree! it was horrible and everyone around me kept saying it was sympathy votes (mainly people i knew from school on fb and that sort of thing)… i tell you one thing though for me being partially sighted as well it gave me confidence to pick up my guitar again and start writing because it was beautiful how she just sang her heart out every time! and its the VOICE not some looks and what can sell i really loved it becuase as i said it gave me A LOT more confidence and to know that i can give it ago and try and don’t let anyone tell me otherwise! 😀

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