We Went To See Santa!

So, its Christmas in two sleeps and like most families, we took the girl’s to see Santa. 

Now, I intend to do the whole Santa thing for as long as humanly possible. Even if they means taking my teenagers to see the big man in red, they will go, and they will like it. 

Round here there are so many Santas to choose from, plus she sees one at school, and one comes round where we live on a big sleigh (trailer with a chair and lights) so I only tend to take them to one. It saves the multiple questions I would rather they didn’t ask. One of which being “why do you keep taking us to see the big fat man?” 

Anyway we love going to Webbs. We have been the last few years, and I grew up coming here as a child. Plus its really good value for money and the Santa is always very ‘real’ So it makes sense really!

IMGP0855 IMGP0857 IMGP0858 IMGP0860 IMGP0861 IMGP0867 IMGP0868 IMGP0869 IMGP0871 IMGP0873 IMGP0874 IMGP0875

Yes, that is Santas workshop where we picked our toys! its amazing and they have loads to choose from, I am secretly hoping Boo won’t choose something she already has next year, but hey ho!

Hope everyone else had a lovely time seeing Santa!!

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