What Is With All The Homework?!

Seriously, what is with all the homework?

I mean, its not even for Pops, its for me! It also seems to come with the usual ‘homework pressure’ something I assumed I had left behind?!

Last week I forgot to send in the star. Truth be told I forgot all about the star. I know, I am a hideous Mother, how dare I right? This week I have made sure I have filled in the star, its in the bag ready to go, I am assuming its on time?!

Not that I even know I am doing it right?

To be perfectly frank, I tend to forget about the things she does and says that I know should go on the star. At the time I think “Ah-ha! This is star worthy” Then when it comes to writing on it, nothing. I try and write notes on my phone, however my note taking seems to have gone terribly wrong.

I am not sure me and the star will ever really get on together.

Then its the reading record.

I have learnt who Chip and Biff are, not that I know why you would call your daughter Biff or your son Kipper!? That was beyond me.

Anyway, I have done the flashcards until I am blue in the face, we are doing the books when we can, however I always forget to fill in the reading record. By the time we have finished our sit down, I am usually trying to wrangle a flashcard out of Beboos mouth.

Then someone, whether it be human or dog, is peeing on the floor, by this time, the reading record has been forgotten. Then I feel like a crap Mother when I remember I forgot, when Pops is walking into school.

Good timing…..

Anyone else snowed under with charts, records and governor letters?!

Parent SOS


6 thoughts on “What Is With All The Homework?!

  1. I don’t think it’s fair how much homework is piled on kids these days. Especially since its always extra work for the parents too. We’re busy enough as Mums that we don’t need to be teachers too! I think 6 hours a day is quite long enough to spend learning. That’s all I had from the ages of 5-12yrs so why start homework so early? It never did me any harm!

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Joseph has just started reception and its crazy. Every day is another letter or piece of stuff to do.

    He gets reading books but also phonics homework. I am ignoring the phonics homework.

    There there is all my homework “sign this” “read that” “attend this” and I work nearly full time too.

    Its madness

  3. yes! my son is in year 2 and he gets approx 40mins homework a night – and thats if he does it in one go without a fuss.

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