What Is With This Bedroom Tax?!

I don’t get it. Who decided the rules for this bedroom tax business? I mean, I am all for saving money and should we have had a “spare” room, I would be more than happy to live somewhere else, or loose the money.

What I don’t think people realise is that its not just the people with extra or spare rooms that are being affected.

We live in a three bedroomed house. So that’s myself, Hubby, Pops and Beboo. The girls have a room each, one of which is a TINY almost pointless room and me and Hubby share obviously.

We are deemed to have a spare room, because we have two girls. They can share.

Now, maybe then can, but why should they?! At some point they will need their own space.

But that is not the only reason I am mad and perplexed, no. The main reason is because this house is adapted for me.  Before we moved in in-fact. So on my worst days I can still function safely in the house, throw in the fact that due to my extreme fatigue, sometimes Hubby sleeps downstairs as I need to rest, so he is not always in our bed.

Same goes for me, when I relapse, I will stay downstairs, near the toilet as to not risk falling on the stairs.

People and their situations are not always so cut and dry,whoever it was who decided what makes a room “spare” needs to wake up and start living in the real world.

A lovely lady on twitter has been affected as she and her daughter has a two bedroomed house. Meaning they can share?!


Since when the hell was this seen as okay or normal?! 

This country is getting worse not better and so far, I have only seen the poor affected.


8 thoughts on “What Is With This Bedroom Tax?!

  1. It really does suck. My mum is being affected by this also. She could barely afford her rent before this and now she is being taxed for having spare rooms. My mum would quite happily move so as not to have “spare rooms” but when she asked about this she was told there was nowhere smaller available, absolutely ridiculous!!

  2. It is completely senseless, especially as you could be moved to a house with a higher rent but fewer bedrooms and then it costs the country more – but so long as there’s no spare room, eh?

    1. to true! I don’t think its something they have given too much thought to, its a quick fix, which in the long run is crap!

  3. It hasn’t affected us as we’re in a private rented house…..We already pay the extra for the third bedroom….My 2 are supposed to share too….

    A woman I know today has annoyed me (I told her so too)….A friend from the playground…..She was told she had to pay for the 3rd bedroom as her boys were expected to share….She has been onto the council & child services saying her child has behavioral problems….He’s a naughty child nothing more….Maybe if he was told off now and again things would be easier with him…..The council have turned round and said she dosen’t need to pay for the extra room as it’s needed as her child will keep the other awake!! But get this I know another person who’s children are expected to share when one has complex medical needs and needs checking on several times a night and given medication so needs their own room….That family is still expected to pay the extra for the 3rd bedroom…Same council too so it’s not a case of different rules for different councils!!

    It’s wrong….Each persons circumstances need looking at not just saying kids have to share and spare rooms are not needed!! The whole thing is a joke….

    1. it really is, I have had enough of form filling and things being taken away from me, now this! They didn’t think about the individual, they saw a way to make money and fast x

  4. I admit I don’t know very much about it apart from what I’m reading on Twitter and the odd article. This is Cameron’s way of making the people who don’t work get a job. But he fails to realise that there are very few jobs around and especially for disabled people. The government are an absolute joke and the sooner they’re gone the better for all of us. Having a bunch of rich Eton boys running our country was always going to mean disaster because they haven’t a clue how ordinary people live; people who have to watch their pennies, people who have a tenner to live off for a week; people who have to make a choice whether to heat or eat. They simply haven’t a clue.

    1. They really dont, my husband works, long hours and hard days. We try our best with this working stuff, however not everyone is the same. I cant. I hate the fact they go around branding us all the same, they give no thought to situations of people! x

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