‘When’s The Right Time?’ The Mothers Rhyme.

When do I start weaning?

When should the be sleeping through?

When should they be crawling/walking?

When do I take the dummy away?

When do I stop using bottles?

When is the right time to potty train?

When should they be talking?

Blah, blah BLAH the list is literally is endless. However all these questions beg just one big question, why the hell do we put so much pressure on ourselves?! Its crazy and really creates pointless amounts of stress.

Doing it the second time round has opened my eyes up to the art of not giving a shit. Seriously, I get mad at myself when the questions run by in my head. This time around, I have been in no rush for Beboo to move onto the next stage, I have let her lead the way and she is such a happy girl, teething monster aside.

I think for me, the ballbag dropped when we were potty training Pop’s, I got books from the library, star charts and all that jazz and all I got from it was a huge bill for overdue books! 

Seriously, 95 whole pounds!!!!

So for me, the answer to all these questions is, whenever the hell they want too, yes it may be an obvious answer but its the only real one anyone has!

If your a first time mum and you have stumbled onto my blog looking for answers, then firstly google can’t answer everything and secondly just relax and let it be, before you know it they will be little know it alls talking your face off and driving you insane.

Just enjoy the peace!

*offers a jaffa cake*

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