Why Do Women Get All The Embarrassing Shit?

It seems to be one of those unanswered questions, why do women get such a rough deal?

We have the boobs which can either cause body issues or back ache, getting hair in places where you should not have it, whether it be lip, chin, chest or ears, we don’t need it!

This also begs the question, why do men, who already have an easy ride. Apart from squeaky voices and the dropping of the turkey giblets, get to have hair wherever the hell they like? From a full on beard to hairy ears, they really do wear it with pride.

The only hair on a man I am happy with being left to grow is the bushes, anything that hides the scary stump tree is fine with me!

Next comes hips, thighs and asses! I am telling you, they seem to appear and make any outfit unwearable. I mean I see something in a clothes shop and the picture I have of me in it, looks nothing like the real thing. Long gone are my slender days (high school) and curvy is an over statement.

Then its periods, from starting to the menopause, we never seem to catch a break. From weak bladders to panty liner bunching (not fun in leggings  it really is no pretty picture.

Pregnancy and birth, these things can make our bodies become these droopy leaking entities that scream, shout, cry and then eventually push out a baby from something the size of a lemon?

Lemons turn to grapefruit and grapefruit turns to melons. Then, well your guess is as good as mine! 

Then we simply have to deal with all the hormones thrown at us for forever and a day.

Also according to a TV advert I am meant to be worrying about what my heels look like in flip flops (no heals here) Are they dry and cracked or are they smooth and lovely?! Really?! I have never heard of a best quality being someone’s heels?

Ergh, I seem to have nothing but rants at the moment. I blame the sun, I have been outside and seen the world far too much this week!

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