Yoshi’s Woolly World Wii U review

images (2)Pretty much a sequel to 2014’s New Yoshi’s Island 3DS.
The classic collectables are present, the Sunflower, the Pink jumping stars and the Red coins. Of course for this entry there are also wraps of yarn to collect, Since the plot of the game is the evil Kamek casts a spell on all the Yoshi inhabitants and they unravel into 5 bundles of yarn. Yoshi, along with erm, other Yoshi, are fortunate enough to avoid being unravelled as they stumble into a giant pile of Wool. Despite the Yoshi’s best efforts to stop Kamek taking their clan, Kamek takes off with them scattering some over various areas of the island as he struggles with the weight of the sack.

The level hub is quite similar to that of a Mario Galaxy hub. By which I mean a free roaming 3D area. It really once again shows how much of an impact the Mario 64 & Galaxy series had on the future of Mario, or in this case Yoshi games. And how we long for a 3rd instalment of the galaxy series. Maybe the NX anyone?

images (5)This game is not the walk in the park it’s cute outset seems. It’s actually Quite challenging, even the most seasoned video gamers will find great challenge while being wowed by the little touches of genius that are thrown in. My personal favourite moment has to be when you see a chain chomp that turns into a bolder when a yarn ball is thrown at it.

So much thought went in to this game, from the textures, the textiles, the new moves/Yoshi Transformations.. It’s just, so, damn charming! Everything you see on screen has been designed to look like wool. There are even yarn spools which are used for Yoshi to unravel and spin off when going to an island.
There are even more Incredible transformations to be seen when the yarn balls hit an enemy/piece of scenery or a warp pipe.

Unlike it’s Mario counter part there is no time limits on levels. Similar to some Mario games you can also back track in places if you have missed collectables.

It’s an absolute delight from the great soundtrack and it’s cheerful appearance. It’s certainly a Yoshi’s island game indeed with it’s classic mechanics of controls almost unchanged since Yoshi’s Island.

images (6)There are some second player opportunities with Amiibo, you can swallow you co-op partners Yoshi and they become an egg, very handy for levels that are fast moving and obtaining yarn balls is tricky. Of course the Yoshi that has just been swallowed up and passed through his relative will return back to normal after being launched in-to an object.images (4)

Power badges bought with collected gems can buy abilities and help. These can be purchased on the level hub, and, in the pause menu if you’re having difficulty on say, a lava level. You can even use a yarn Dog named Poochy from your power badges. My daughters favorite character in the game. Acting like a second player, he can crumple enemies, stop you taking damage from spikes and images (3)even let you know when you are near secrets. Though I think he unlocks after you first encounter him in world 2.

Mellow mode is handy if children are struggling with certain levels. You get wings that have no flight limit, sometimes this makes some levels seem easy, whereas almost essential to get through other levels. Don’t be fooled by thinking this will make the game a walk in the park. It doesn’t give you invincibility, and, although the flight time is constant, you fly in a line, you cant gain height unless you bounce of an enemy or take a leap from a high ledge or platform. Again this can be accessed at any time through the pause menu.

and of course there are also character skins for Yoshi to wear with compatible Amiibo. In Co-op mode you can have many different combinations of character patterns for Yoshi including Mario and Sonic.


People often say time and time again the Wii U has no games, as in ” good games. ” Well the fact is my friends that nearly every single game I have played for the Wii U has been fantastic. Time and time again Nintendo produce some of the most innovative, memorable gaming moments right to your Lounge. Yoshi’s Woolly World being an exception…. because it’s Woolly Brilliant!


Yoshi’s Woolly world is available to buy now.

The Game itself has an RRP of £39.99

The digital edtion RRP of £39.99

And Amiibo & game pack start from £49.99

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