You dont define me

You dont define me. Tonight I have come to realise that my MS does not define me, but sometimes I find myself letting it define me without even realising it! I asked my self why I was letting something like this determin who and what I am.

What defines me is being a mother, my two wonderful children have made me who I am today. Im not afraid to say as I teen I was not popular, and I was very insecure, and that still follows me around today. I was a very jelious person and at one point this left me alone. They say leopards dont change there spots, but I can safely say I have. Im now much less fussed by other peoples thoughts about me, I no who I am and I no im happy in the life I lead. People who know me and judge me for my past and my mistakes etc, need to look at themselves before judging another. If having MS has taught me one thing it is to take nothing at face value. You have no idea the fight someone is having inside there skin.

Being a wife also defines me, it has taught me to love and share and listen. Until recently I hated hubby going out and things but now it doesnt bother me so much, he comes home to me and were learning to trust a great deal more. Although I would like to come along sometimes but thats simply to meet new people and show them there is a face behind the MS.
My whole family and lifestyle is what makes me who I am from my mum to my dad, my sister to my brother, mother in law to sister in law they all make me who I am and have shown me that endless love and support is out there and I should not be afraid to ask for help.

I feel maybe I could be moving on from sadness, maybe all that has gone on, I am starting to accept, as I have all the support behind me I need to go on and face this monster. I no I will have my down days and I no I will still struggle. Ill cry those unstopable tears but I will remember to live everyday as it comes and to smile when im feeling it most, a smile goes along way. 

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  1. Chelsea… you are all of those things ,mother ,wife sister etc, but most of all never stop being yourself .

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