Zuru – Hamsters In The House


Yes, we are halfway through the year and we will soon be turning our thoughts to Christmas!!! Yes, I said it, anyone who knows me will know I’m almost done! But we are always on the lookout for next toys for the girls, they playsets, little things and animals and when we got the opportunity to review the new Hamsters in the House from Zuru we were very please and they are new to the market.

These are of course small (very cute) fluffy hamsters that Buzz, Scoot, Scurry and Zoom around their little town going about their everyday business. They “come alive” (which is great when the girls want  a hamster but aren’t yet old enough to look after a real one) There are 9 different hamsters to collect all different colours and are battery powered. There are sounds and phrases when the hamsters go through hotspots set up in the playsets. There are great and helping to create role play with the little ones.


We had the supermarket with Periwinkle she has a track for her to scoot around the supermarket doing her shopping with her with her own trolley for all her shopping, a cash register and plastic food to make it like a real supermarket.  Ages from 4 years +
There are many add ones to buy to create your very own hamster world that all connects together. With lifts, cars a stage and what every hamster needs a styling studio lots more sets to collect this is a great gift that the little ones can keep on collecting.

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